GTT1 : Project mManagement of the project

The CNRS is responsible for the management of the project management, both in terms of on theits implementation and deliverables to be provided to the STC and its administrative and financial management.

The gGovernance of the project is realized performed by through a decision-making comitybody, the Director Steering Committee (CD), a tTechnical cCommittee (CT) and the Consultative Committee (CC). The CD is composed made up of all the partners responsible for the project for in each institution, t. The CT is composed made up of all the project partners and t taking part in the project. The CC is composed made up of all the project partners and associated partners and is opened to other potential associated partners and socio-economic actors linked to water resources in the territory of SUDOE territory. The CD and the CT meet every six months to review the project progress of the project, and to frame establish the actions of for the coming months ahead. The CC L meets once a year.

The project manager will be the only interlocutor dedicated point of contact withfor INTERREG-SUDOE and will represent the consortium. It will therefore be responsible for ensuring financial coherence consistency and for organiszing the production of the products and ensuringand passing ttheir he products to transmission on the date agreed with INTERREG-SUDOE on the agreed date. A meeting will be organized held every 6 months in which to discuss the financial management of the project will be treated in terms of expenditure execution and compliance with the schedulescheduling. The project’s CD of the project, representing all the partners, is responsible of for ensuring the timetableschedule is observed.

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