GT4. Development of a web platform on the SUDOE scale

This task will be coordinated by IST.
The aim of GT4 is to integrate the results from GT1, GT2 and GT3 into a web service platform in order to improve the communication, visualisation and interpretation of project results by the partners. The AGUAMOD platform will also enhance interaction and communication with managers by allowing: (i) the evaluation of the socioeconomic measures necessary to adapt the territory to water availability restrictions, and (ii) the improvement of the decision-making process by presenting different short/medium/long-term scenario options. The platform will further help project dissemination: (a) by including a web service that will connect the specific tools (models, databases) developed in GT1, GT2 and GT3, (b) by developing a connection interface with the partners involved in order to test management rules and adaptation strategies to environmental change scenarios, and (c) by disseminating the results of the scenarios considered, defined in conjunction with the socioeconomic actors of the SUDOE territory.

4.1 Web platform development

This task will be coordinated by IST.
The aim of this activity is to develop specific tools for connecting (1) databases, (2) watershed models, (3) water management models (considering the multiple uses), and (4) socioeconomic models (from the perspective of pressure/state/response). The data available in GT1 databases will be fed into the watershed models, including climate data, and will simulate surface water flow and water storage (groundwater, dams and soil) available for different uses (agriculture, urban, industry). These results will be provided to water management optimisation models. The socioeconomic indicators will be translated in terms of management rules, which will be used in the web interface to simulate the physical and socioeconomic components of water resources in the SUDOE territory.

4.2 Definition of management scenarios in collaboration with associated partners

This task will be coordinated by UPV.
The objective is to create an interactive web interface that will allow end users to run the hydrological and management models developed in GT3 and better understand the impacts of the different pressures in the SUDOE territory within the scope of climate change. This interface will allow different adaptation strategies to be tested, based on the indicators defined in GT1 and GT2.
The interface will have a section related to (i) model visualisation (maps and systems management), (ii) the display of results and (iii) an interactive modelling section that will allow users to modify pre-defined model inputs, land use changes, flow reductions, increased storage capacity, and changes in management rules, including abstraction volumes for different water uses, and the maintenance of ecological flow.
The associated partners will contribute to the definition of predefined options in the interface, thus including their specific interests. The management rules will then be introduced in a serious game.

4.3. Dissemination of scenario results

This task will be coordinated by INIAV.
The main objective is to develop a web SIG interface to (i) help the utilisation of model results and (ii) help visualise the simulation results from GT 4.2. The interface will present project results in Google Earth maps, and will help disseminate a set of tools developed within the project. The displayed contents and maps will be selected in collaboration with the associated partners and will be stored in a database.

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