Meeting of 4 and 5 July / Lisbon

The AGUAMOD project meeting in Lisbon brought together 70 participants, scientists and water managers.

During these two days, two series of workshops were organized:

  • the first series of workshops on socio-economic, environmental and governance indicators
  • the second series of workshops on management scenarios in a context of climate change.

The objectives of these two half days were:

  • validate or modify the indicators proposed by the scientists, and propose new indicators,
  • build scenarios for water management in a context of climate change by 2050


During the first day of work, the project’s scientific partners proposed a series of environmental, economic and governance indicators to characterize the watersheds of SUDOE territory.

The proposed approach was to open these indicators for discussion with stakeholders in water management in order to make them evolve to adapt them to the operational needs of planning.

These indicators will be used as part of the AGUAMOD project to carry out simulations at the scale of the main river basins by 2050

During the second half day of work, the scientific partners invited the participants to build scenarios that will be simulated by the tools and models developed in the project and evaluated using environmental, economic and governance indicators.

These scenarios consider the climatic and demographic factors, as well as the sectoral assumptions associated with water management.

At the end of these two days of work, the indicators were validated, others were submitted for discussion and will be modified or replaced by new indicators. As for the scenarios, in addition to the two scenarios proposed by the scientific partners, five scenarios were built with all the partners. These scenarios will be transcribed by the scientists and evaluated and presented at the closing meeting to be held on June 6, 2019, in Madrid.